30 Rock Recap: Yes Shma’am

30 Rock

I Do I Do
Season 4 Episode 23

30 Rock’s season finale had it all — tied-up plotlines, setups for next season, Tracy Morgan shirtless, a church choir. We’re glad the writers decided to skip the contrived three-weddings-in-one-day time-conflict drama in favor of giving Julianne Moore a proper send-off (“That accent’s idiodic” — brilliant). Avery’s pregnancy is obviously going to drive much of next season, but if that means more Elizabeth Banks, we’re cool.

In fact, for an episode with three weddings, the weddings themselves barely factored into the story (though the Somali-pirate groomsman was a nice touch). We weren’t all that sad to see Wesley go (not that we don’t love a bachelorette party with a theme of sluts), especially considering Liz dating a pilot is almost reaching her dream of dating astronaut Mike Dexter. Matt Damon wasn’t bad in this episode, and we can’t say we’d mind another cameo. Kenneth’s promotion from Jack — his best friend in the whole world comma beautiful hair category parentheses strong — and subsequent attempts to do a bad job leading to his getting fired was a nice twist (check out his stupid tour in the clip below), but the highlight of the episode was, once again, Jenna’s relationship with drag-queen boyfriend Paul, when she catches him being Cher behind her back (“Fidelity, Paul! It’s not just the name of a bank that sued me!”). Turns out a half-Jenna, half-Cher drag queen is just what the world was missing.

Once again, our top ten:

10. Why is your face like that?

9. Yeah, I’m a doorman. To the sky!

8. A terrorist? No, I wish.

7. You just have to let it wash over you, like a spray tan that won’t take because your skin is too oily.

6. I forgot my bag of hair.

5. Her laugh is like music. Really mean music.

4. I’ve been upstairs in the White House while the Obamas were sleeping.

3. You look like a gay mortician in that suit.

2. Is there gay juice in the Champagne?

And finally, our pick for quote of the night, and quite possibly the season: “You can’t delude yourself with thoughts like, What if I could somehow combine them into one perfect woman? Like a s’more you could take a shower with.” Bravo, Jack Donaghy.

Now, before we head off to a long, hot, 30 Rock–less summer, why don’t we all share our favorite lines from this episode?

30 Rock Recap: Yes Shma’am