Bieber Hairstyle Sweeping The Nation, Says Times

“Call it the Flip and Switch, the Flow, or the Twitch,” The ‘Times’ says of the hairstyle.

Apparently tween girls aren’t the only ones with Justin Bieber fever. Tiger Beat The New York Times has taken a hard-hitting look at the sizable male contingent who, apparently, covet the pop phenomenon’s distinctive mop of hair. According to the Times, the trend has gotten somewhat out of hand, citing the testimony of the owner of Manhattan’s Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, who says six out of every ten of their “boy customers” ask for “The Bieber.”

Of course, the code of adolescent masculinity dictates that these young men have to be discreet about asking for the haircut of a 16-year-old pop star, best known for singing a song called “Baby.” One young male customer recently entered Cozy’s, showed the stylist a picture of Bieber on his camera and asked her to mimic the cut, adding “don’t tell my mom,” according to the owner. And Tommy Ledger, a 14-year-old from Vancouver, spent $175 five months ago to have his hair chemically straightened to replicate Bieber’s sideswept bangs.

And how does he feel now that he’s got The Bieber?

“Girls always play with it in class,” Ledger told the Times. “It’s kind of frustrating sometimes. I’m trying to skateboard and they want to touch my hair.”

It would seem Ledger’s learning the hard way that no look this cool comes without some major sacrifices.

Bangs Like Justin’s (but Don’t Say So) [NYT]

Bieber Hairstyle Sweeping The Nation, Says Times