Closing Oceanic 815 Images Were ‘Visual Aid,’ Not Part of Story

After the zoom-in on Jack’s closing eye followed by the Lost logo that concluded the Lost series finale, several images of the Oceanic 815 wreckage appeared on television screens, leading some fans to believe that we were meant to think no passengers survived the flight’s crash landing in the first episode of the series. However, it turns out that those photographs were not actually part of the story at all. ABC added them on to “soften the transition” from the end of the series to the 11 p.m. news and, somehow, didn’t realize that they might throw off viewers’ interpretations.

“The images shown during the end credits of the Lost finale, which included shots of Oceanic 815 on a deserted beach, were not part of the final story but were a visual aid to allow the viewer to decompress before heading into the news,” an ABC spokesperson wrote in an e-mail to the Los Angeles Times.

Well, now that that’s cleared up, we understand everything perfectly.

Lost’ exclusive: ABC sets the record straight about the series finale’s plane crash images [Show Tracker/LAT]

Closing Oceanic 815 Images Were ‘Visual Aid,’ Not Part of Story