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Harmony Korine Can Totally Imagine His Latest Movie Being Discovered in a Pile of Condoms

“They find beauty in destructive behavior, and they do these horrible things — lie, murder, defecate, and hump things. They repeat them over and over. It becomes part of their vocabulary. … I grew up in this neighborhood and there was a neighbor I had that had something like 150 copies of On Golden Pond. He had taped an entire year’s worth, 1987, of CNN, every single moment from beginning to end. We found hundreds, literally hundreds, of VHS tapes. I found a VHS tape of Pee-wee’s Playhouse that was wrapped in condoms. It was almost like voodoo. That’s the kind of thing that I thought, ‘I can imagine this Trash Humpers movie being found in that pile.’” —Trash Humpers director Hamony Korine [AV Club]

“I was going back and forth from SportsCenter to Busty Cops 3. Maybe that’s what did it!” —Bret Michaels on what he was doing when his brain hemorrhaged [RS]

“I will not be doing any more television or movie acting or directing. I think I can be definitive about the fact that I will not be in [a Star Trek sequel]. I have said that I think it’s time for me to get off the stage and make some room for Zachary Quinto, who is the new Spock and a wonderful actor, and who looks a lot like me. And I’m very flattered that the character will be continued by an actor of that caliber.” —Leonard Nimoy [TV Squad]

“This is the real Sex and the City!” —Jake Gyllenhaal, pointing to his own body, during a surprise appearance at a Prince of Persia screening [People]

Meet Monica Velour is about a woman in her fifties who gives a young boy his first sexual awakening. I play a porn star from the eighties who’s down on her luck. This young kid, who’s 17 but says he’s 18, is madly in love with her. They meet when she’s doing her act at this horrible club and end up having a love affair. It’s quite touching and very sweet.” —Kim Cattrall [Parade]

“I do think Biggie Smalls is overrated. I just don’t think he’s as good a lyricist as people say he is.” —David Cross [Pitchfork]

“I think primarily, you’ve got to have somebody on that panel who actually knows what they’re talking about — because everyone is talking about casting the nasty person or this person or get another Brit. If we were judging ice skating, I mean, you wouldn’t have somebody on who’s obnoxious. You’d have somebody who knows the difference between a 10, a 9 and an 8. I think, to a point, [the show] has to get back to that.” —Simon Cowell on American Idol [NYP]

Harmony Korine Can Totally Imagine His Latest Movie Being Discovered in a Pile of Condoms