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Kim Cattrall No Fan of Sex Talk at the Fish Counter

“Anything from thongs to vibrators. That’s the least of it: fellatio, how to control the taste of a man’s semen. … I’m at a fish counter and this guy comes up to me and says, ‘You know, I just have to thank you. Thank you so much. There’s no way I could have really broached the subject about sex with my daughter without your help. Thank you.’ I’m at the fish counter with the father of a 13-year-old girl. I mean, at the same time it’s wonderful, but I’m like, ‘Just give me the clams and let me get the fuck out of here.’” —Kim Cattrall on what Sex and the City fans talk to her about [Mirror UK]

“But I certainly don’t have an eating problem. A little MDMA [Ecstasy] once in a while never killed anybody, but I really don’t do drugs. I don’t touch cocaine any more. I don’t smoke. Well, maybe a single cigarette — with whiskey — while I’m working, because it just frees my mind a little bit. But I care about my voice. The thrill of my voice being healthy on stage is really special. I take care of myself.” —Lady Gaga [Times UK]

“I thought [Star Wars co-star Alec Guinness] was an old man: an old, wonderful actor. [But] I did the math. I figured out how old he was in Star Wars, and he was about six years younger than I am now. It gave me pause.” —Harrison Ford [People]

“For me it was an opportunity to work with Bruce, that’s self-explanatory — that’s Bruce Willis.” —Tracy Morgan on why he did Cop Out [Mirror UK]

“My brother had just passed away and I was going through so much at the time. I left his funeral service and flew straight back to the film set that night so it was very tough for me in some ways and very cathartic in others. … Some scenes really gave me the chance to release the emotions I was going through. I had real tears. It was very draining but it helped me get through it.” —Janet Jackson on filming Why Did I Get Married Too? [Daily Express UK]

“I love the rumor that I have a penis. I’m fascinated by it. In fact, it makes me love my fans even more that this rumor is in the world because 17,000 of them come to an arena every night and they don’t care if I’m a man, a woman, a hermaphrodite, gay, straight, transgendered, or transsexual. They don’t care! They are there for the music and the freedom. This has been the greatest accomplishment of my life — to get young people to throw away what society has taught them is wrong. Gay culture is at the very essence of who I am and I will fight for women and for the gay community until I die.” —Lady Gaga [Sept à Huit via ONTD]

Kim Cattrall No Fan of Sex Talk at the Fish Counter