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Lady Gaga Would ‘Rather Not Die On Vacation’

Ever since “Just Dance” became inescapable in the fall of 2008, Lady Gaga has remained a near constant fixture at the forefront of pop music, churning out single after single, video after video, ridiculous outfit after ridiculous outfit. Perhaps sensing the potential for a backlash, Gaga addressed those who have said she might benefit from taking a breather during a concert in Sweden on May 7.

After her audience belted out the chorus to her ballad “Speechless,” she paused and mused:

“You sound so good singing those lyrics. You know, when people say ‘Lady Gaga is really tired. She needs to take a break…’” Pause for boos. “… I just think about all those times I sang at bars when nobody was singing my lyrics.” Pause for rapturous applause. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead, OK?”

Later in the song, she pledged her devotion to her “little monsters,” evoking her MTV Video Music Awards performance of “Paparazzi” - in which she “hung herself” on stage - in the process.

“I know that I work really hard and I run myself into the ground and I also know that alcohol will kill me one day,” she said. “But I would rather not die on vacation. I would rather die on stage with all my fans.”

So, things we now know about Lady Gaga’s death: it will come as the result of excessive alcohol consumption, she would prefer it take place on stage, and she won’t sleep until it happens.

[via ONTD]

Lady Gaga Would ‘Rather Not Die On Vacation’