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Your Vulture Upfronts: Judge the New Fox Comedies

’Raising Hope’

You’ve sampled the NBC comedies, now it’s time to see if Fox can make you laugh. The network has only two new entries for the fall: Raising Hope and Running Wilde (the latter from an all-star group of Arrested Development veterans), but midseason will find Mixed Signals and the animated Bob’s Burgers. You can’t judge a show by it’s title, but it’s perfectly fair to do so from three to four clips, so watch them below and let us know whether you’re already setting your TiVos, or marking these series down for a TV deathwatch. (And when you’re done here, check out the new Fox dramas.)

Raising Hope is about a young poor single dad who has to raise his baby with the help of his nutty family. Extra points if you can guess the name of the baby girl. Actually, no; you get no extra points for that.

Hey, it’s another pun title! But Running Wilde gets automatic benefit of the doubt since it stars Will Arnett and is brought to you by two of the guiding creative forces behind Arrested Development. Does it have the same vibe? Will it go through the same long, slow ratings death?

The title Mixed Signals is not a pun, but tells you everything you need to know about the show: three longtime friends, talk about relationships a lot, etc.

The animated comedy Bob’s Burgers, about a family-run restaurant, is all downtown comedy cred: voices by H. Jon Benjamin (Dr. Katz), comedian Eugene Mirman, and Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords).

Your Vulture Upfronts: Judge the New Fox Comedies