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The Truth Is, Nicolas Cage’s Whole Life Has Been Practice for Playing a Sorcerer

“People think of it like, ‘I’ve not seen him play a sorcerer, that seems odd for Nic,’ but the truth is my whole life has been about practice for that part.” —Nicolas Cage on The Sorcerer’s Apprentice [TrailerSpy via Videogum]

“Yes, Joe Namath is something I’ve been involved in and developing and trying to make really, really right because you have to make it pretty badass if you’re going to do it right. So we’re trying to do that and it’s taken a little while.” —Jake Gyllenhaal on the Joe Namath biopic [MTV]

“I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped.” —Kristen Stewart on seeing paparazzi photos of herself [NDTV]

“They’re paying the bills at the moment, so I’m not sick of vampires yet.” —True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten [Ministry of Gossip/LAT]

“I feel she’s a little inappropriate for an eight year old, but I lost the battle on that one.” —Sarah McLachlan on Lady Gaga [Spinner]

“Fighting the aging process just doesn’t work. I think that actresses, ultimately, are responsible for the faces we give to women. But I understand the fear, you know? I really do: it’s easy to think ‘I’ll never work again if I lose some of my beauty.’ … [But] the thing is that I never felt beautiful. I really never did.” —Juliette Binoche [Telegraph UK]

“Actually, no. Nothing really that is new. Everything I listen to is older.” —Robyn on whether there’s any new hip-hop she’s drawn to [PopWrap/NYP]

“Movies aren’t real. [Rampart] basically comes out of that. It’s just a movie. If I want people to take me serious as an actor, I got to take myself serious as an actor. So it’s just a movie. Just a role. And its [sic] a good role. I’m playing a homicide detective who think [sic] a dirty cop did the murder. So, I’m on a dirty cop. So, it’s cool to get a dirty cop thrown in jail.” —Ice Cube [Rap Radar]

“Shape up!” —Betty White on what she’d say to Lindsay Lohan [OK!]

“I played on the song, and they called me up to ask me to play in the video, but my record was just coming out, and I was sort of worn thin. She was really sweet. She sent me this pleading text to come do the video, but I couldn’t make it work. … All things considered, it brings an element of sexuality to it that I probably wouldn’t have been capable of. I think it’s hot, and I sent her a text this morning telling her it was definitely hotter with her doing it than with me doing it.” —Slash on Rihanna’s “Rockstar 101” video [MTV]

“Katy is sexy, which is good because if I don’t have an orgasm every 15 or 16 minutes, I can become very difficult. But, if she’s going to marry me, she’s going to bloody learn how to cook.” —Russell Brand on fiancée Katy Perry [Parade]

The Truth Is, Nicolas Cage’s Whole Life Has Been Practice for Playing a Sorcerer