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Zach Galifianakis Has That MTV Movie Award in the Bag

“[Ben Stiller] won’t win, [Bradley Cooper] doesn’t deserve to be on that list, [and Ryan Reynolds’s] eyes are too close together.” —Zach Galifianakis on his fellow Best Comedic Performance MTV Movie Award nominees [People]

“You guys are more open. You embrace life and the human anatomy more. I mean, you have topless models in your newspapers. Wow. Back home you’re allowed to swear on radio and TV but you’re not allowed to show boobs. One US journalist said to me recently: ‘You get a bit cheeky on OMG. You say boobies.’ And I was like: ‘Yeah? If you get shocked by a boob I feel sorry for you.’ Let’s face it, we’ve all sucked on one in our life.” —Usher, to a British reporter [Daily Star UK]

“Well, there’s been a lot of talk about a third Ghostbusters film, which has now become real. It’s … I can say with some certainty that there will be a third movie. It won’t be out until Christmas 2012, but the work is going on now.” —Director Harold Ramis [Film Shaft]

“I have no clue!” —Justin Bieber on why girls scream and cry when they see him [Oprah via Reuters]

“I remember Timothy Leary saying ‘Go someplace beautiful with people you know and try to drop the acid,’ as we used to say ‘in such a setting’ — so I went up to Big Sur, and I was the straightest guy in a fairly wild crowd, so when people heard I was taking it, so many other people evidently felt that ‘If Rog can do this, it’s okay. We’ll try it, too.’” —Roger Corman on taking LSD to prepare for directing The Trip [AV Club]

“The music for [my upcoming film] Love Don’t Let Me Down, oh my god, it’s so good. It’s country music, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s material is more traditional country, really big music — it’s amazing. She sounds beautiful. My music in the movie is a little bit more current, very pop. I have a couple of songs that I feel like are really good in there.” —Leighton Meester [Popeater]

“I really like The Fortress of Solitude. That’s the only book of [Jonathan Lethem’s] I’ve liked. And the only book of Michael Chabon’s that I really liked was Kavalier & Clay. And I really don’t like anything by Jonathan Franzen but The Corrections, which I think is a great American novel. … [B]ut everything else by those three is just, you know, I go, ‘Grrrrrr.’ You know, I went to school with Jonathan Lethem. … He was a nice guy. I had no idea that he wanted to be a writer. He wasn’t in any of the main workshops. … And then I got a galley in the mail a long time after we graduated, and it was for a novel by Jonathan Lethem about talking animals or something. And I was like, ‘What the hell is this?’” —Bret Easton Ellis [Vice]

“I’m a textbook average guy. I’m 5’10”, I wear a model suit size — 40 regular, 32-inch waist pant — and a size 10 shoe. Everything about me is prototypical. Everything. I even have a right-down-the middle-exactly-average dick.” —Hung star Thomas Jane [Men’s Fitness via HuffPo]

“I’m going to enjoy Sabbath on Saturday, so on Friday at sunset I’m going to turn off my TV, my radio — I’m not going to do anything. And then when the sun sets on Saturday night, I’m going to raise hell!” —Q-Tip on the things he picked up while filming the Hasidic-centric movie Holy Rollers [NYDN]

“When I was at my most promiscuous, I was like a charging locomotive. My selection process was outsourced. I had a team of experts who took care of finding women for me. They had very specific instructions. It was as if I was talking to a wine steward — ‘I’m looking for something French, a bit fruity, smells of oak.’ I’ve reached a point in my life where I understand empirically that this is not the answer.” —Russell Brand [Sun UK]

“I don’t feel there’s any need for me to make reggaeton records.” —Stephin Merritt [Pop Matters]

Zach Galifianakis Has That MTV Movie Award in the Bag