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Don’t Forget About Sheryl Crow, Says Pat Benatar

“I love Katy Perry and Lady GaGa. I think GaGa’s pushing the envelope every day and I really like that. Beyoncé is doing a real service to girls everywhere by being so classy, and then there’s also Sheryl Crow.” —Pat Benatar [PopEater]

“Even now and then in an airport, I’ll hear somebody yell out, ‘I am Spartacus!’ And I just piss in my pants. That is the funniest thing ever, that someone would have the chutzpah to do that, you know?” —Tony Curtis [GQ]

“I do feel like the new Brangelina with his movie coming out on Tuesday, Get Him to the Greek. We’re going to the premiere tomorrow and everything is happening at the same time.” —Katy Perry on dating Russell Brand [E! Online]

“The audition [for Taps] was in New York. I said one line. That was it. I had long hair at the time, so they said, ‘Hold up your hair.’ Then ‘Thank you.’ I don’t know why, but … I thought I’d get it. It wasn’t arrogance. I had a quarter in my pocket — and that was it. I’m telling you: I didn’t have bus fare to get back to where my mom was living in Jersey. I remember … standing outside the Holland Tunnel, and hitchhiking. I walked up the driveway and saw my mother. It was a distance, but I remember her face. She looked at me and I looked at her, and I thought, I got it.” —Tom Cruise on his big break [Esquire]

“A great song has all the key elements — melody; emotion; a strong statement that becomes part of the lexicon; and great production. Think of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ by Queen.” —Jay-Z [RS via Rap Radar]

“[I had] huge, massive concerns [about releasing 24 post-9/11]. It was something that was really transcendent to the population, and it wasn’t about the show. I think we all went through a period for three weeks, that if you weren’t a doctor, a policeman, a fireman, or a nurse, and you weren’t able to actually physically help, you just felt moronic for what you were doing. And me being a professional actor for a living, I think we felt the dumbest of all.” —Kiefer Sutherland [EW]

“Matthew isn’t jealous when I’m in a movie with a sexy guy. He doesn’t seem to show any degree of being threatened by it. I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t care.” —Sarah Jessica Parker on husband Matthew Broderick [Parade]

Don’t Forget About Sheryl Crow, Says Pat Benatar