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Time to Start a New Facebook Group

“[There will be] very little nudity.” —Betty White on her episode of SNL this weekend [PopWatch/EW]

“[Trash Humpers is] not really meant to be watched like a film. I would be fine if it was projected into a toilet bowl. It makes no difference to me. This is something that is more, like, unearthed, a found object, something that’s drenched in blood. Or tossed in your granny’s panty drawer. Something that you’d imagine a convict burying in the ass of a mule.” —Harmony Korine [/Film]

“My mom’s a secret Rastafarian … so [she plays] Bob Marley.” —Jenna Bush on mom Laura [Oprah via People]

“It’s got kind of like a steampunk vibe mixed with a little bit of a goth edge and hyper-cartoon violence like Kick-Ass and all set in a very specific world. It’s not a comedy. Although, you could say Kick-Ass had some really funny stuff in it. It’s a comedy in that sense. It’s like a Sam Raimi–type horror movie, like Evil Dead II, only a little nastier, a little more modern. … [O]ur producer met with some of the actors from [Twilight], unofficially and without them reading the script. They had some conversations. It’s such a great script that I have a feeling people are going to be dying to play roles in it. Also, the witches are awesome in it. Nasty, mean witches, and we’ll get some great actresses for them as well.” —Director Adam McKay on the upcoming Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters [MTV]

“We’re still going back and forth. Maybe there is a solution.” —Will Ferrell on the endlessly speculated-upon Anchorman 2 [EW]

“It’s a very beautiful script. I think it’s the four or five days after the assassination and how [Jackie] deals with the assassination and the funeral. It’s not a biopic. Its [sic] about that short period of time. I’m thrilled at the idea of working with [Aronofsky] again.” —Rachel Weisz on Jackie [MTV]

“The idea really has been, over the last couple of years, to make a Muppet resurgence so that when [Jason Segel’s] movie comes out, everybody in the world would be ready. The Internet was a perfect place to do it.” —Muppets Studio general manager Lylle Breier [MTV]

“The daughter will be … how do I put this without saying too much? The daughter will play a role in the final episodes.” —Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim on Jin and Sun’s daughter [Parade]

“I really hate men, fucking men … All they want is to fuck you then turn you into a pizza. … [Glasgow is the] only city other than Vancouver where I’ve crowd surfed and no one ripped my dress, grabbed my tits or tried to fuck me.” —Courtney Love, onstage in Scotland [Spinner]

“Believe me, Robert [Downey Jr.] is in the worst mood when he has to wear that Iron Man suit. I do not regret that my character Pepper doesn’t have more action. I get to banter with Robert, I get to wear my nice high heels and kid around and at least my outfit is always clean.” —Gwyneth Paltrow [Parade]

Time to Start a New Facebook Group