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Song of the Summer: Fist-Pump Rock

These days the rock charts are dominated by angst-ridden vestiges of nu-metal with names like Theory of a Deadman, so finding sing-along songs can be a problem. They’re out there, though, tucked into the far reaches of the rock universe, and turned in by haircut-emo bands, retro-minded indie-rockers, and industry dinosaurs alike. What songs can you rock a furious air guitar to all summer long? Five contenders below.

The Hold Steady, “Hurricane J”
It’s officially impossible for the Hold Steady to top “Constructive Summer” as far as seasonally appropriate anthems go, but “Hurricane J” — a sad story of a boozy summer wasted down at the harbor — is a commendable effort. And why aren’t they on the indie-rock SOTS list? Because we ain’t hearing no delicate four-part harmonies on this thing.

Paramore, “Careful”
Not quite the heights of “Misery Business,” but Paramore’s upcoming single “Careful” does go hard from the drop. A nice, frantic bedrock for Hayley Williams to dramatically raise her voice over.

Stone Temple Pilots, “Between the Lines”
Hey, did you know Stone Temple Pilots reunited? Well, they have, and they’ve done it to directly confront the world’s startling dearth of cock rock. Take it away, Scott Weiland: “You always were my drug/even when we used to take drugs.” Also, guitar solo!

The Maine, “Growing Up”
We’re in guilty-pleasure field now, but the sappy nostalgia number from these Warped Tour vets knows exactly what it’s doing. By the time the slow-burn acoustic riff segues into the Maine’s anorexic take on a Springsteen chorus, you’ll have already given in.

OneRepublic, “Secrets”
“All the Right Moves” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but OneRepublic’s follow-up single could make some noise, too. Kelly Clarkson’s not going to be happy about this.

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Song of the Summer: Fist-Pump Rock

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