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Stephen Baldwin Tries to Clear Up That Restore Stephen Baldwin Video

When Restore Stephen Baldwin — the meme-tastic video and charity that equated Stephen Baldwin to Job and asked us to “restore” the born-again Christian by donating money to him, thus proving the glory of God — started circulating on the Internet, it raised some questions besides, “Is there a person, place, or thing it would be more ludicrous to compare to Stephen Baldwin than Job?” Baldwin spoke with Popeater to answer them: In short, no, he didn’t start the site; yes, he will take the money; and no, he doesn’t think interpreting some folks donating cash to a broke actor who used to make “a million and a half to two million bucks a year” as proof of God’s will on earth is presumptuous.

Baldwin explains it like this: “Hey, if you’re a Christian and person of faith, there are people doubting whether or not the God of Stephen’s faith had abandoned him, and here’s a way we can step up and say, ‘This is our expression of wanting to counteract that.’” So, if you give money to Restore Stephen Baldwin, you will be proving that God does not abandon anyone, not even the guy who was once in Threesome. Plus, your money will go into an account, “and then at some point, whenever it’s decided, [the money will] be turned over to” Baldwin, who really “welcomes the support more in a way of other people of my faith saying, ‘We support you being as bold and outspoken about what you believe.’ I receive that support more than any dollar amount. But the truth is, I do have a personal financial situation … If enough money came through this opportunity to clear my debt, I’d be stupid not to do it.”

To be clear, Baldwin believes he’s “just somebody that agreed to be the first recipient” of this kind of charity, and there will be more to follow. Certainly, no one needs charity at this very moment more than a guy who claims he’s “in talks for movies with budgets upwards of $50 million dollars.”

Also, please don’t let donating to Baldwin keep you from giving money to a child in Haiti without a house, school, or doctor’s office: “I’m not suggesting anyone take donations or their charitable giving they’d be allocating for something else and give it to me. This is a thing the dude who started it wanted people to do in addition to their normal charitable giving.” Phew.

Stephen Baldwin Explains [Popeater]

Stephen Baldwin Tries to Clear Up That Restore Stephen Baldwin Video