T.I. and Lady Gaga to ‘Lick It’ Together

During his recent series of press interviews, T.I. revealed a surprising nugget to MTV News about his upcoming new album, King Uncaged, due this August: One of the tracks in contention to make the LP features, believe it or not … Lady Gaga. And from the lofty praise the rapper had for the pop star, it would seem the unlikely duo got along famously:

“Phenomenal talent. Extremely proud [to work with her]. She’s definitely that good. She knows what she’s doing. She knows exactly what she wants people to think and say. She does everything that she needs to be done to ensure it happens. I think she’s an entertainer, in all aspects of the word,” he said. “She’s a classic, all-around entertainer. A global star.”

When pressed about the title of the Red One–produced record featuring Gaga, T.I. said that while it has not been finalized, right now it is being called “Lick It,” and he added that the track allowed him to “tune in to another side of T.I.” This needs to make the album, if only so we can have the chance to see T.I. sporting Haus of Gaga garb in the inevitable music video.

T.I. On Collaborating With Lady Gaga, Eminem [MTV]

T.I. and Lady Gaga to ‘Lick It’ Together