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Your Vulture Upfronts: Judge the New CBS Shows

Unlike the other networks, CBS isn’t releasing clips, or even simple trailers for its five new series. Instead, it’s disseminating behind-the-scenes promo reels that mash up scenes from the show with interviews with the cast and creators. The results pack a lot more hype and spin into two minutes than an excerpt from a show ever could. You ready to hear about how great the new John Belushi show is?

On The Defenders, Jerry O’Connell and Jim Belushi play “crazy” Vegas-based defense attorneys, “just working-class guys who passed the bar.” Belushi says of working with O’Connell: “There’s a chemistry going on between us that I can’t identify, but I can feel it. It’s like a good pasta.” You want to eat up?

Sun, guns, surf, fistfights, and Scott Caan cracking wise: the new Hawaii Five-0.

Tom Selleck and his mustache head up an Irish New York City police clan with the last name Reagan in Blue Bloods. Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Will Estes play his kids. Two executive producers of The Sopranos made this.

Jim Burrows, who directed the pilot of Mike and Molly, about a couple who meet at an overeaters anonymous, says the show is “a romance, but it’s also really funny,” before the video cuts to a “joke” about Mike reading Modern Bride. Dudes reading wedding magazines! Really funny! Still, we’re happy that Gilmore Girls’ Sookie got another gig.

$#*! My Dad Says, based on the storied Twitter account, relies heavily on William Shatner’s delivery to put over the “jokes” in this one.

Your Vulture Upfronts: Judge the New CBS Shows