Conan at Radio City with Stewart, Colbert, and Rudd

Had you considered attending last night’s Radio City Music Hall stop of Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour, but decided against it because you were concerned you’d already seen the best bits on YouTube, uploaded by previous attendees from other cities? Relax! The only things you missed were a New York–tailored, NBC-slamming opening monologue and guest appearances from Vampire Weekend, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, John Krasinski, Paul Rudd, and Bill Hader, all of which approximately 10,000 camera-phone-owning New Yorkers have already helpfully uploaded to YouTube. (If you have tickets to tonight’s second New York show, you may want to skip this spoiler-filled post.)

Here’s Conan’s monologue, delivered just a block away from NBC’s New York headquarters at Rockefeller Center (which, thanks to Photoshop, briefly became TBS HQ last night):

You want special guests? There were special guests! Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart played up their rivalry — they’ll all compete at 11 this fall — with an epic-ish, unrehearsed dance-off, which concluded, naturally, with Andy Richter shooting everybody:

How to make musical guests Vampire Weekend seem even whiter and more affluent? Simply have pale millionaire Conan O’Brien join them on rhythm guitar for a version of “Walcott”:

Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog showed up (on tape) with some New York–specific comedy:

John Krasinski and Bill Hader also stopped by to pull the Walker, Texas Ranger Lever, but neither of them had flown in special from Guam to do it, as Paul Rudd nicely had:

All in all, a fun night. But why was it such a sausage fest? Was Conan really unable to wrangle a single female guest? Here’s hoping tonight is Ladies’ Night at Radio City.

Conan at Radio City with Stewart, Colbert, and Rudd