How Tom Cruise and Will.I.Am Met

Wondering what the hell Tom Cruise was doing popping up at a Black Eyed Peas show this weekend? Well, apparently, Cruise is not only an uncredited screenwriter on his upcoming action-comedy Knight and Day — he’s an uncredited soundtrack coordinator, too! And it was his idea to have Will.I.Am do a song, “Someday,” for the movie’s soundtrack, which they awkwardly debuted together in London. Here, let Cruise explain:

First of all, I’m a fan of the Peas … We met at a charity event and got to talking: ‘We’ve got to find something to do together.’ … We were three-fourths of the way done [filming] ‘Knight and Day,’ and the Peas were playing in Miami, so we all went — Kate [wife Katie Holmes], Cameron [Diaz] and all of us went to go see them over Super Bowl weekend. As we were watching, it occurred to me that this is the perfect time, so I called up Will, and he doesn’t have any time, but I asked, ‘Are you interested [in doing a song for the film]?’

He’s a fan of the Peas! Of course he is!

Tom Cruise And Will.I.Am Explain How ‘Knight And Day’ Song Came To Be [MTV]

How Tom Cruise and Will.I.Am Met