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Industry Roundup: Monsterpocalypse

Monster Mash: John August is in negotiations to write the feature film adaptation of Monsterpocalypse, based on the “strategy game” played with collectible miniature figures. Dreamworks has reportedly been courting Tim Burton to take on the project as the film’s director, but no deal has been made yet. August and Burton have previously teamed up three times on Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Corpse Bride. The two are also working on an adaptation of the 1960’s TV show Dark Shadows, with Johnny Depp attached to star – also a project about monsters. Could there be such a thing as too many Tim Burton monster movies? (Yeah, probably.) [Heat Vision/HR]

Planning Ahead: Though Green Lantern won’t hit theaters for another year, Warner Bros. has already begun development on a sequel. The studio has hired Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim - all of whom worked on the Lantern screenplay - to write two treatments: one for the second Lantern film and one for the film adaptation of The Flash. Then, per the terms of the deal, they will be asked to write the full screenplay for one of the two projects. Feels like they’re going to try to milk a reality show out of this somehow, no? [Heat Vision/HR]

Common Ground: USA has given a cast-contingent pilot order to Common Law, a “comedic buddy cop drama” which centers on two LAPD cops who, wait for it, can’t stand each other. Wes is a methodical ex-lawyer who loves “cars, gardening and his ex-wife” whereas Travis is a ladies’ man who served time in juvie (how bad!). To make the pairing work, their captain sends them to couples’ therapy. Maybe we’re just in Lost withdrawal, but this is basically made for Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway, right? [Deadline]

Shades of Gray: F. Gary Gray (Law Abiding Citizen) is in talks to direct Kane and Lynch, a video game adaptation starring Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx. The film follows a death row inmate (Willis) who - in tandem with a schizophrenic killer (Foxx) - works to free his former team in order to retrieve a stolen fortune. Stunt coordinator Simon Crane was on board as the film’s director, but left in May due to creative differences - presumably Gray, who directed Foxx in Citizen, knows what he’s in for. [Heat Vision/HR]

Dinner Delayed: Paramount is moving back the release of the Paul Rudd-Steve Carell comedy Dinner for Schmucks from July 23 to July 30. The switch means that instead of facing off with Angelina Jolie’s Salt, Dinner will now go up against Zac Efron’s Charlie St. Cloud and Chace Crawford’s Twelve. Perhaps they felt the weekend was viable now that Vanessa Hudgens was out of the way. [Risky Business/HR]

Crystal Clear: Noise-electro act Crystal Castles have added a number of U.S. dates in September for their fall tour, which includes a bunch of European festivals and North America and international stops. Huzzah! [Pitchfork]

Industry Roundup: Monsterpocalypse