Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth Is Making a Triumphant Return to TV

On new dating show Donald J. Trump Presents the Ultimate Merger, twelve bachelors vie for the affections a woman they’ve never met before. The catch? “The prize is Omarosa.” That Omarosa: Ms. Manigault-Stallworth, the maligned cast member from the original season of The Apprentice.

Oddly, Omarosa already dated two of the men who appear on the show: Charles, a foreign currency trader, and Al B. Sure!, an R&B singer. They couldn’t find twelve people she hadn’t dated? In any case, the L.A. Times explains: “All told, The Ultimate Merger is perhaps the first dating show centered on the black professional class.” But the paper points out some racist subtexts to the series from its first episode:

“The director of hotel operations [where the contestants are staying] … introduces the security chief: ‘He’s going to ensure personally that all of you act like gentlemen.’ Given that all of the men are handsome … and charming … this feels ludicrous, with a subtle undertone of racism.”

The Times adds:

“Perhaps the tone comes from the top. In the show’s introductory conversation between Trump and Omarosa, he asks her, ‘Is there anybody that can tame you?’ as if she were a wild animal in need of a trainer.”

Oh, but the reality-TV careerist is a wild animal, and there’s no stopping this one.

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Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth Is Making a Triumphant Return to TV