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Julie White at the Public Theater Gala

One of the many reasons to appreciate Julie White is her inability to not be hilarious when talking about her out-of-left-field involvement in the Transformers franchise (see here, here). Earlier this week we caught up with her at the Public Theater’s Annual Gala, which included a performance of the Al Pacino–starring Merchant of Venice, and White stayed true to form:

Are you doing Transformers again?
Oh honey. Yes, No. 3. Because God knows, we need a bunch more clanking robots in this world.

Megan Fox isn’t doing this one. Was there tension with her on set?
I can’t talk about that! Are you kidding? We have a lovely new girl named … He has a new girlfriend now, and it’s a beautiful girl named Whiteley … Rosie Whitely Huntington Whiteley. I don’t know.

Why do you think Frances McDormand is doing Transformers?
Well, Frances has boy children, you know. I have nephews and it really does raise your cache amongst the sixth-, seventh-, eighth-grade boy demographic.

You don’t think it was for the paycheck?
Yeah! I’m sure it was that, too.

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Julie White at the Public Theater Gala