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Megan Fox Orders Mickey Rourke to Procreate

“Mickey is such a beautiful, wonderful human being. He’s so genuine and so sweet and so talented. I just love him to death. I kept telling him that he needs to have kids, because I think he’s going to be an amazing dad. I hope he does that soon. … I actually got a tattoo that is sort of in honor of him. It’s on my ribs. … I just love him very much and think he’s very special.” —Megan Fox on Passion Play co-star Mickey Rourke [MTV]

“Performing for women in bikinis — it’s just mindblowing. I finished my show, I can’t see the audience because it’s dark. It’s going well, sounds great, great energy in the room. I jump in and discover that everyone is pretty much naked. The men aren’t wearing any tops — they’re all shirtless. The women are in string bikinis. We’re all hugging. I may have conceived a baby in that crowd. We’ll find out because it got crazy in there. So nine months from now, there may be a Conan baby from Bonnaroo that I know nothing about.” —Conan O’Brien on his favorite part of Bonnaroo [RS]

“Dakota [Fanning]. I’m just going to have to say that because it’s easier.” —Kristen Stewart, on which of her co-stars is the best kisser [Us Weekly]

“I like the glitter lube stuff.” —Robert Pattinson on the craziest Twilight merchandise he’s seen [Movies Blog/MTV]

“Not in the forseeable [sic] future.” —Ryan Kwanten on whether superfan Lindsay Lohan will ever be on True Blood [E! Online]

“It’s very hard for me to be seen as funny, and the truth is, that’s where I’m most comfortable These are the two comments I get from people when they meet me. ‘You seem a lot taller on film,’ and ‘You’re funny.’ If people hang out with me, they see I’m a ham.” —Eva Mendes [W]

“[A] guy in a wet raincoat asked me to sign his axe once.” —Lucy Lawless [What’s on TV UK]

“I’m the last of the old broads.” —Betty White on her Golden Girls co-stars [TV Squad]

“The only thing I know about it is the famous scene, the Cesarean scene. I do not envy Bill Condon to have to think of a way to do that. I always remember, there’s a film, one of my favorite horror films is a thing called It’s Alive. I keep thinking it’s going to be like that, police shooting outside the hospital.” —Robert Pattinson on filming Twilight: Breaking Dawn [Movies Blog/MTV]

“[Miley Cyrus’s] ‘The Climb’ is my theme song — and I’m sticking to it.” —Kristen Stewart [MTV]

Megan Fox Orders Mickey Rourke to Procreate