Report: Oscars Could Move to January

The Academy of Motion Picture of Arts & Sciences is — pretty shockingly — considering moving up the date of the 2011 Oscars to January, according to a Deadline report. The early announcement of the show’s producers and director also hints at the possibility of the move from the scheduled February 27, 2011 date. The shakeup would have significant implications not just for awards season, but for the movie industry as a whole. A January Oscars would conflict with the Golden Globes and SAGs (and move ahead of the February BAFTAS), and also condense the amount of time AMPAS members would have to screen movies, meaning it would undoubtedly dramatically alter how studios time the release of their movies this year.

But before anyone gets all worked up quite yet, Deadline points out one potential hitch in the plan: The Academy hasn’t gotten the hang of, well, things like e-mail:

“There’s a zero percent chance that the Executive team can figure out how to logistically coordinate voting that soon, especially with all the old people who don’t do electronic mail,” a Deadline source said. “And especially because [executive director] Bruce Davis won’t do anything that utilizes technology.”

Academy Board Of Governors Tonight Discusses Moving Awards To January! [Deadline]

Report: Oscars Could Move to January