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Review Knight and Day in One Sentence

You’ve already gifted us with your best one-sentence reviews of The A-Team and Toy Story 3; now, another big summer movie falls under your withering, yet concise, critical eye. Knight and Day, Tom Cruise’s latest attempt to convince America that he’s normal, has underwhelmed at the box office while largely avoiding a critical savaging. More important: How did it fare with the Vulture faithful?

Think the nation’s moviegoers are missing out on some good, clean fun? Want to praise the unique chemistry of Cruise and Cameron Diaz? Had your mind blown by the backward motorcycle riding? Let us know, in one sentence or less, in the comments below.

Also, here are some of your stand-out Toy Story 3 reviews. Keep ‘em coming!

“i never let my mom throw any of my toys out, suckers!” —LikeShootinFishInABarrel

“Again we watch as Andy loses track of his belongings.” —LeeEatsBK

“Makes it so easy to forget that Tim Allen used to be a coke dealer.” —RebeccaRose2004

Review Knight and Day in One Sentence