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Review Toy Story 3 in One Sentence

Last week Vulture asked you to best the work of professional movie critics by reviewing The A-Team in one sentence, and you complied brilliantly. Now we’re looking for more: This week, if so inclined, please turn your capsule reviewing skills to Toy Story 3. It’s a smash hit and pretty much every reviewer who isn’t famous contrarian Armond White loved it. That includes New York’s David Edelstein, who writes: “This lovely, wistful movie weaves together our joyful fantasies of the past, the ones that helped form us, and our darker fears of being forgotten — and offers hope that we can somehow reconcile those poles of existence for ourselves.” Wow.

Okay, here’s where you come in. Feel like concisely joining in the love-fest for TS3? Want to succinctly express exactly how much you wept? Think you can quickly outcurmudgeon Mr. White? Leave your best one-sentence reviews in the comments below.

And just for fun, here are a few of the stand-out A-Team reviews. Well done!

“I love it when a plan comes together as long as that plan includes a shirtless Bradley Cooper.” —shiraselko

“It killed any hope left for Jessica Biel to win an Oscar one day.” —FrigidBardot

“They won’t live up to the success of their pop music spinoff, ’The A-Teens.’” —ThirdCultureKid

“It was the best of times … it sucked.” —Setlasmon

Review Toy Story 3 in One Sentence