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Sean Connery Unretires for Terrifying Children’s Movie

Who says Pixar is the only studio capable of making a great CG-animated film starring an elderly hero? Probably you after watching this terrifying trailer for Glasgow-based animation studio Billi Productions’ cheap-looking Sir Billi (tagline: “Can this octogenarian and his goat save the day?”), Sean Connery’s first movie since he announced his retirement following 2003’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Since you’re probably wondering why he agreed to such a thing, here’s the explanation one of the producers gave a few months ago:

“We sent a DVD to Sir Sean via a mutual acquaintance and heard nothing for a few weeks when suddenly the phone rang. It was Sir Sean personally explaining that his grandchildren had taken the DVD from his home and kept it. They loved it that much. ‘If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me!’ he said.”

Nice going, Sean Connery’s grandchildren. Are they responsible for his official website, too?

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Sean Connery Unretires for Terrifying Children’s Movie