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Taylor Lautner on Twilight Cast Gym Obsessions

We bro’ed down with Taylor Lautner at Monday night’s premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, talking about how he dodges the paparazzi (not very well) and which Twilight star most worships his own body (um, all of them?). Plus: He not only has an action movie and a superhero flick lined up, but he also wants to do a comedy, too. Adorable!

I heard you say it’s hard for you to walk around. What’s your funniest story about running from paparazzi?
I wish I had a super-exciting story for you. The bummer is if you ever get caught up in it, especially if you’re driving and you try — I mean, I let the drivers and the security try and do that, because if I do it I’ll get in trouble. I’ll like, crash or something.

Don’t you ever put on a hat and sunglasses and go to McDonald’s or something?
Oh, yeah! I mean, you try, but weirdly enough, it doesn’t really work very well. I put a hat on, tuck it down, put huge glasses on; I look at myself in the mirror, and I’m like, Great, I look nothing like myself. This is going to be awesome. Walk outside — it doesn’t work. [Laughs.] I don’t know why.

Peter Facinelli has joked about how all the guys in the Twilight Saga have to be buff and work out obsessively.

Which of you is the most body-obsessed?
[Thinks.] Um, I don’t know — it’s hard to choose because everybody’s working out. I mean, obviously for my character, I’ve got to do that quite a bit. But, yeah, Peter’s always in the gym; Kellan’s always in the gym; the wolf pack is always in the gym — it requires a lot of hard work.

Which one complains about the exercise the most?
I would have to give that award probably to Bronson [Pelletier], who plays Jared, one of the wolf-pack members.

He whines about it?
A little bit. But we tease him a lot; we have fun with him, he’s a funny guy.

Have you been getting comedy scripts after you did SNL? You were pretty funny.
Yeah, I’ve been reading some, and I want to do a comedy eventually. I mean, SNL was one of the most fun weeks I’ve ever had.

But you don’t have a comedy signed yet?
None are set in stone yet. What’s set in stone: Abduction, which I leave for tomorrow, two Breaking Dawns, and then Stretch Armstrong.

Taylor Lautner on Twilight Cast Gym Obsessions