10 Cool Things on the Back to the Future Blu-Ray

Even though you already probably own it on VHS, Laserdisc, and DVD, Universal announced this morning that it’ll give fans the opportunity to buy the Back to the Future trilogy again on Blu-ray on October 26. Excitement around the blogosphere is palpable, and for good reason: At last, all the visual splendor of Robert Zemeckis’s late-eighties classics will be available for you to scrutinize in glorious high-definition. So which ten things are we most excited to see in 1,080 lines of resolution?

1. Manure. Leaving the mouths of three generations of Tannens. Oh, how it will glisten!

2. Claudia Wells’s hair (via Dan Kois). More futuristic than two Hoverboards.

3. The Jeep Driver. Is this Mountain Dew–shilling motorist — glimpsed for a second in the beginning of BTTF, when skateboarding Marty grabs the back of his jeep — secretly Harrison Ford in a cameo appearance? Or executive producer Steven Spielberg, as another random crank on the Internet claims? Or is it Walter Scott, the film’s stunt coordinator, like Bob Gale says on the original DVD commentary? At last we’ll know! (We’re pretty sure the Blu-ray will reveal it’s actually BTTF key grip Ronald Woodward.)

4. This shirt.

5. This hand.

6. Lightning striking the DeLorean. Honestly.

7. Einstein’s Hazmat Suit. Aw.

8. Changing Newspapers. Once you see this in HD, you won’t want an iPad anymore.

9. Jaws 19. This will look even better when they inevitably rerelease the Back to the Future trilogy on upconverted 3-D Blu-rays next October.

10. Back to the Future: The Ride. Here’s the most exciting one. With BTTF’s Universal Studios ride gone with little chance of coming back, they’re releasing its video component (watch a YouTubed version below) as a Blu-ray bonus feature so you can re-create the theme-park experience at home, according to the press release. In high-def, this will probably provide nearly as much motion sickness as the real thing.

10 Cool Things on the Back to the Future Blu-Ray

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