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True Blood Preview: Jessica Evolves, Pam Gets Laid

True Blood premieres tonight, so what can we expect from rebellious, red-haired Jessica this season? Actress Deborah Ann Woll tells the Daily News:

“Alan Ball has said that this season is about identity, and I think that’s what’s happening for Jessica. It’s a lot about discovering more about my vampiric nature versus my human nature and what’s the right balance for Jessica. Bill [Stephen Moyer] has chosen a very mainstream human kind of existence, and Eric [Alexander Skarsgard] has chosen a very vampire existence. Every member of the undead has to find their own personal [path], and Jessica’s working her way through that this season.”

She also says her “favorite” of True Blood’s dudes is Jim Parrack, who plays her boyfriend Hoyt Fortenberry. But there’s no Anna Paquin–Stephen Moyer situation going on with them:

“Of course, my first and only love is my man, my boyfriend. I met him online, actually, on We were both living in L.A. at the time and we are both from the New York area, which is pretty cool. We’ve been dating about 21⁄2 years.”

According to People, Jessica’s relationship with Pam continues to evolve. Actress Kristin Bauer, who plays Pam, says that the seductress gives the new vamp “advice on the nitty-gritty of having people be your food.” Plus, Pam lowers her body count and increases her booty count this season: “We get to see Pam’s PJs. She does get some hot action.”

True Blood Preview: Jessica Evolves, Pam Gets Laid