Twilight Screenwriter Dreams About Murder, Death and The End of Her Career

Being asked to adapt the Twilight books, which are essentially considered holy texts by the tween set, would probably cause any screenwriter a certain amount of anxiety. But Twilight scribe Melissa Rosenberg revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that the stress of her job has her, well, dreaming about the end of her life.

“I have a recurring dream that I’ve committed some heinous murder. And the interesting thing is that, in the dream it’s not that I’m guilty about the murder. I actually have absolutely no remorse whatsoever,” she said. “What I’m concerned about, what consumes me in the dream, is my life will end. I’m going to go to prison, everything will be stripped from me. And I have to do everything I can to get out of this situation, even kill more people. I’m not sure what that’s about. In some ways I think it’s about the pressure, the fear that they’re going to be coming after me with tar and feathers for whatever I produce. The fans are going to hate what I do and basically say I’ve butchered them. But I think the other side of it is a fear that I will have done so terribly that my whole career will end, that it will all be stripped away and I’ll lose everything, and all standing will disappear. Ah … that was a very personal revelation!”

Uhhh, considering this is where your head is at, Melissa, you might want to rethink messing with the Bella birthing scene, which is basically as dear to the tweens as Justin Bieber’s hair.

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Twilight Screenwriter Dreams About Murder, Death and The End of Her Career