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What Other Degrassi Alum Will Be a Rap Star?

Drake, Manny, Spinner, Craig.

If current sales estimates hold, Drake’s Thank Me Later will sell roughly 450,000 copies in its first week. That is a lot of copies! Those kind of numbers should have the beaten blue music-industry exhaling just a tad — and, perhaps, scheming. Because if it’s one thing record companies executives are famous for, it’s attempting to shamelessly duplicate their successes. So, the question that logically follows: Which cast member from Degrassi — the Canadian teen drama Drake famously got his start on — will be the next guy or gal groomed for rap superstardom?

Shane Kippel
Kippel plays Spinner Mason, best friend to Drake’s character Jimmy Brooks. Unclear if Kippel raps, although he did exhibit onscreen musical inclinations as the drummer for Downtown Sasquatch, and he already has a perfectly adequate stage name. Could Drake — in grand hip-hop tradition, and much like Lil Wayne did for him — put Kippel on next?

Jake Epstein
As Craig Manning, front man of Downtown Sasquatch, Epstein is the show’s most visible musical talent. In character, he went solo, released a successful album, and developed and then kicked a cocaine addiction, meaning he sort of has experience with the pitfalls of fame Drake repeatedly alludes to on Thank Me Later. Does not, to our knowledge, rap.

Cassie Steele
Played Manny Santos, a bit of a wild girl who partied with Craig during his drug days and once had a topless video leak to the whole school. Is in real life a singer-songwriter with two albums to her name. Does not rap.

Ephraim Ellis
Okay, this one’s a long shot, but give it a chance: Ellis played Rick Murray, the troubled student who shot Jimmy Brooks. Does being the dude who took out Drake’s fictional alter ego give him some cred points or what? A potential problem: doesn’t rap.

What Other Degrassi Alum Will Be a Rap Star?