comic-con 2010

Scenes From Comic-Con

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Comic-Con 2010 is over! But it was an exciting weekend full of previews, promises, casting confirmations, hype adjustments, Dawson’s Creek references, and stabbings. In tribute, we take a look back at the festival that was. Won’t you join us?

Dwight Schrute as Neil Young.
The producers of Piranha 3D agreed to let Jerry O’Connell be in their movie as long as he also carried boxes.
Adam Scott looks thrilled!
Minutes later, Green and his friend would attend a VIP after-party inside the body of a Tauntaun.
These Stormtroopers don’t think Olivia Munn deserves The Daily Show job either.
Skinny Seth Rogen: still terrifying.
He was paid for his performance, but Big Boi would have come to Comic-Con anyway just to hear what the streets were saying about Captain America.
This is amusing enough sans irreverent caption.
So is this.
Cera makes a late bid for Chris Evans’s job.
These luau girls don’t think Olivia Munn deserves The Daily Show job either.
Any of these people can, and will, kill you.
That many people showed up for the Quantum Leap retrospective? God bless America.
Also, God bless Scott Bakula.
In real life, the waitress doesn’t despise Charlie.
Bill Hader is exactly as excited to meet the Old Spice guy as any other sensible person would be.
Comic-Con: the only place on earth where Seth Green can nuzzle breasts at will.
Taken before they switched clothes.
Believe it or not, Lance Reddick absolutely loves Comic-Con.
Yes, there are still comic-book writers at Comic-Con, for some reason.
Snipes: “Wait, no, take it again.” (Hey, we managed not to bring up that Wesley Snipes is going to prison soon!)
Panel organizers forgot to set up enough chairs for everyone, so Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone ask Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren if they can share seats.
Look for Harry Knowles’s positive review of Crews’s rippling torso on Ain’t It Cool News later today.
Pro tip: Sometimes the best panels are unsanctioned and happen in the parking lot.
That second Hasselhoff Girl is only doing this for a green card.
This was actually one of Comic-Con’s healthier food options.
“What do you mean the Gathering of the Juggalos is in August and Illinois?”
The costumes may have been uncomfortable, but they were the only way for Stan Lee and J.J. Abrams to get around San Diego in peace this weekend.
Rorschach’s mother is going to have a fit when she sees what he did to his pillowcase.
Who says cosplay has to be fun?
A Getty Images photographer ruins Keibler’s big chance.
“Call an ambulance! Kieran drew on himself with a permanent marker!”
Taken shortly before Tyrese noticed his wallet was missing.
“Artie can walk! It’s a Comic-Con miracle!”
As his wingman, Pudi resists the urge to tell these ladies that Glover did not get the Spider-Man job.
If you don’t like this haircut, Cera brought a backpack full of other ones.
Scenes From Comic-Con