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Industry Roundup: Gershon, Rohm

Take Five: Gina Gershon, Danny Glover and Robert Patrick will star in the indie film Five Minarets in New York. The movie marks the English-language debut of Turkish writer-director Mahsun Kirmizigul (I Saw the Sun). Gershon will play Maria, the wife of a Turkish scholar who is arrested for a crime she didn’t commit. Well, Gershon does have some experience dealing with false accusations. [HR]

Mama Lautner: Elisabeth Rohm (Heroes) has been cast as Taylor Lautner’s biological mother in Abduction, the action-thriller about a young man who goes on the run after he determines that his parents aren’t his own when he sees his baby picture on a missing persons website. Rohm is taking over for Emily Mortimer, who had been previously cast in the role. [Risky Business/HR]

Blocked Shot: The LeBron James vehicle Ballers, produced by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment, has been put on hold until next summer. The studios had originally planned to start filming next month with Malcolm Lee (Soul Men) behind the camera. One reason for the delay is that the script, which has already gone through one rewrite, reportedly still needs work. And then there’s the fact that, well, LeBron has a few other things on his mind these days. [Variety]

It’s A Deal: Deadline is reporting that Netflix and Relativity Media have agreed to what constitutes “the largest pay TV deal ever” in which Relativity’s movies will be shown via Netflix’s online streaming service. The company has released a statement that, with the agreement, its movies will no longer be delivered to pay TV channels. The deal could position Relativity to break out on its own as a distributor, Deadline says. [Deadline]

Industry Roundup: Gershon, Rohm