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Industry Roundup: Banks, Bowen

Tink Fast: Elizabeth Banks will star in Disney’s Tink, a live-action romantic comedy about the one and only Tinkerbell. Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot and McG are on as producers, and the script duties fall to Elizabeth Wright Shapiro and McG. While the plot hasn’t been revealed, the project “plays with the mischievous nature of the Tinkerbell character.” Not sure how they’re going to pull off a modern version, but we’re nervous it’s going to involve something like Tink asking the audience to tweet to keep her alive instead of clapping. [Variety]

Crystal Claire: Modern Family’s Julie Bowen is joining two upcoming films. She’ll play the wife of Kevin Spacey’s character in the star-studded ensemble Horrible Bosses, which follows three friends who pledge to murder their overbearing bosses. She will also play a “high-strung wedding planner” in Jumping the Broom, a Martha’s Vineyard-set film about two African-American families from different backgrounds coming together. Just like her Claire Dunphy - juggling so many commitments! [Variety]

On Her Own: The follow-up to Robyn’s Body Talk Pt. 1, given the logical title Body Talk Pt. 2, will be released September 6. Additionally, the Swede will release a new, fast version of Pt. 1 ballad “Hang With Me” as a single on September 5. She also recently recorded a track with Snoop Dogg, though it isn’t clear if that will end up on Pt. 2 or Pt. 3: whenever we hear it, it’s sure to blow the summer’s other Snoop-featuring track out of the water, in quality if not ubiquity. [Pitchfork]

Ari And Ray’s Adventure: HBO stars Thomas Jane and Jeremy Piven will star in I Melt With You, an ensemble thriller directed by Mark Pellington. The film revolves around the “interconnecting lives of four men,” and is based on a story developed by Pellington and Glenn Porter, who wrote the script. “This is about four guys and deals with mortality, aging and friendship,” Pellington said. “It is very dark and very low budget.” Sounds very HBO. [Deadline]

Doggonit: Ralph Winter (X-Men) and Terry Botwick have picked up the feature rights to Dean Koontz’s Trixie property, and the duo are developing the tale as a family comedy. Stephanie Fitch Groff will write the screenplay about Koontz’s real-life golden retriever, the subject of his memoir A Big Little Life. The dog also “wrote” the book Bliss to You, stars in a series of children’s picture books, and is rumored to be a total diva. [Variety]

Hold On: The Hold Steady have added a new set of tour dates - and they’re starting soon. The band will kick things off July 14 in Columbus, Ohio, and play shows through October, wrapping up with a October 22 date in Nova Scotia. [Pitchfork]

Industry Roundup: Banks, Bowen