Is This the Track List for Kanye’s New Album?

According to an ambiguous, leaked screen grab making its way across the Internet, the track list for Kanye West’s new album goes a little something like this:

1. Hell Of A Life

2. Dark Fantasy

3. Power

4. Chain Heavy

5. Ghetto University

6. That’s My Bitch

7. Runaway

8. Lost In The World

9. Gorgeous

10. Monster

11. Holding Me Back

12. Devil In A New Dress

13. The Joy

14. So Appalled

15. Blame Game

16. Sweat On My Face

Yeah, the screen-grab business seems kind of shady, but both Rap Radar and NahRight said they spoke with “people who know” and that the track list is, in fact, legit. Furthermore, because it looks like Kanye has not-so-securely sent his album to Hype Williams (see the file name on the screen grab: “Record For”), a full-on leak is expected to be imminent. Since the album isn’t due until September 14, that would be bad. Anyway, which of these songs sounds like it’s maybe about Taylor Swift?

Is This the Track List for Kanye’s New Album?