Watch Kanye Debut New Songs at Facebook HQ

For reasons still a little hazy, a very dapper Kanye West visited Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto yesterday to preview new material from his forthcoming album, Good Ass Job, from atop a conference table. He only did a few verses, sans beats, but YouTube videos seem to confirm that that leaked track list making the rounds a couple of weeks ago was at least partially legit (we’re presumably hearing “Devil in a New Dress,” “Chain Heavy,” and “Sweat on My Face,” along with “Momma’s Boyfriend,” which wasn’t on the list, plus a couple of other tracks whose titles we can’t discern). And if anyone were worried about Kanye being made humble by his yearlong Hawaiian exile or that month he spent in an ashram, they can stop now. All of these songs sound as angry or angrier than “Power” (on his shit list currently: guys who dated his late mother, racists on Twitter, and basically everybody else). Looking forward to September 14.

Not sure what this song is called, but we like it:

Here are “Mama’s Boyfriend” and “Chain Heavy”:

Here’s, we think, “Devil in a New Dress”:

Watch Kanye Debut New Songs at Facebook HQ