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Lindsay Lohan Expresses Herself in New Song ‘Too Young to Die’

Adding some auditory ammunition to the unstoppable Lohan press assault, a new track from Lindsay Lohan has leaked that is titled, poignantly if melodramatically, “Too Young to Die.” The sometime singer essentially talks her way through the J.R. Rotem–produced mid-tempo ballad, and — disappointingly — she doesn’t offer much insight into her upcoming jail sentence (which means this probably is an old track that’s conveniently resurfacing now).

The chorus, though, is pretty wonderful in its extremely literal take on the subject matter:

“Hit by a train / falling from a building … Crashing my car, coming flying through the windshield / Falling in love with ya, I’m gonna get me killed / I’m too young to die.”

While there is definitely something unsettling about hearing Lohan coo “I don’t wanna die” as if it were a sexy come-on, the track still manages to come off as … boring? (Except for that “Venus fly trap” lyric about how she “bruises” just like normal people do; that’s perfect.) Let’s hope for a juicier single (“Rumors, Part II”? “Confessions of a Broken Fingernail”?) soon.

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Lindsay Lohan Expresses Herself in New Song ‘Too Young to Die’