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Lindsay Lohan Likely Avoiding Jail for Now [Updated]

She’s so sick of this and probably just wants to get drunk. Aw.

Lindsay Lohan spent the morning in court, where TMZ has set up a live video feed, and a judge ruled that the starlet will not face jail time after her SCRAM bracelet went off last month, though a second ruling will occur later today for separate probation violations. Lohan rocked an all-black look for her court appearance and teared up at one point. Prosecutor Danette Meyers argued, “It makes no sense to have [the alcohol-monitoring anklet] there if you’re not going to abide by it, and there’s no sanction.” Even though the judge, the same one who ordered Lohan wear the SCRAM in the first place, is reportedly “frustrated,” she has thus far sided with Lohan’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, who said: “With the realities of jail overcrowding, jail is no place for someone like Lindsay for a misdemeanor probation violation.” Naturally, Lohan’s father wrote the judge a morbid letter saying he “desperately wants to avoid seeing his daughter become the next Hollywood statistic.” The judge is expected to make a second ruling this afternoon, since Lohan also missed alcohol-education sessions after two DUI arrests. In between court sessions, a man in an elevator served Lohan with a separate lawsuit.

Lohan avoids jail time for possible probation violation [NYDN]

Updated: Well, she didn’t quite avoid it.

Lindsay Lohan Likely Avoiding Jail for Now [Updated]