Panda Bear Is Back

Because his 2007 album Person Pitch was dearly, dearly beloved — and because he’s spent the time since its release putting out nearly as dearly beloved Animal Collective albums — Panda Bear’s follow-up, Tomboy, due in the fall, is currently in the midst of a rarefied level of speculative indie-music-blog heat. (Sample Pitchfork post: “In the August issue of Mojo, Noah Lennox talks a bit about the album and reveals a gang of song titles. It’s not the official tracklist, but hey! Panda Bear song titles!”) But that was just the first phase of speculative indie-music-blog heat: With the album’s title track (and its B-side, “Slow Motion,” which are both being released on a seven-inch tomorrow) leaking this weekend, the fervor should be receiving a nice solid bump. Okay, now that we’re all up to speed … how’s the song? Fuzzy and unhurried, it’s immediately recognizable to PB loyalists and should be a real treat for people who find Neon Indian just a tad too intense. (It’s also a bit rougher sounding than past efforts, although that could be the low quality of a vinyl rip). The best part? Now that the songs have leaked, you don’t have to go find a working record player and a still-in-business record store!


“Slow Motion”

Panda Bear Is Back

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