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Peggy’s Hair Portends Best-Ever Season of Mad Men

“I was super, super, super-happy to have my bangs swept to the side rather than straight in front of me, which I dealt with for three seasons. I’m very, very much done with that. So when I showed up and we did it to the side, I thought, ‘This is the greatest day of my life, and this is going to be the greatest season ever.’” —Elisabeth Moss on her character, Peggy Olson, getting a new hairstyle on Mad Men [AV Club]

“It’ll be bigger. I’ve got no doubt about the music, no doubt about me. I’ve never sounded better. … It’s proper rock ’n’ roll. Oasis was a pop band compared to what we’re doing.” —Liam Gallagher on whether his new band, Beady Eye, will be bigger than Oasis [Times UK]

“[Jack] started as the hero of the show and we thought the audience would be bored out of their minds if he were the knight in shining armor all the time. We wanted to take the first four years and destroy him. So, that’s what we did. And in the end, Jack redeemed himself before he could move on; I think that’s why I was nominated. It has more to do with Jack than anything I was doing for six years.” —Matthew Fox on Lost and his Emmy nomination [Yahoo]

“It’s kind of like being the new guy to play Bond.” —Jay Baruchel on basically being the new Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice [Game On/MSN]

“I try to look at everything in my life as positive. So I can either look at it and say it’s negative, and look at the things she’s done wrong, and say, ‘How can someone compare me to her?’ Or, I could be the positive person and look at all the amazing history that she’s made, and the things that she’s accomplished. I choose to take it as a compliment.” —Miley Cyrus on Katy Perry comparing her to Britney Spears [Hollywood Life]

“I know the others want the same opportunities that Mike [The Situation] and I get, but we don’t control those things. The media isn’t asking for the others so they can’t really be mad at me. … I can understand why the others might be jealous. They aren’t doing anything, but they should still be happy for me.” —Snooki [Us Weekly]

“I am working on my album. I’m gonna be dropping some singles soon. I’m not concentrated on dropping an album so soon, but I will be dropping singles. I’m doing a collaboration right now in the studio with Keri Hilson, I’m so excited! This is for her album though, so you might be hearing that song really soon. I’m gonna be working with a lot of great people on my album. Timbaland is someone I’m really close with. I’m on Dr. Dre’s Detox album. I’m really excited about that one.” —Lil Kim [Hip Hop DX via Blognity]

“Well, actually, when I was in Los Angeles last January, a friend called me up who is an amazing singer who goes by the name Yodelice. … I went to rehearsals with them and he asked me, ‘Would you play bass guitar?’ … I had never played bass guitar before. I was like, ‘Are you out of your mind? I’m not a bass guitar player!’ But it has always been my dream to play bass guitar. He said, ‘Just try it for a few songs.’ I took the bass guitar and suddenly it was so organic. So he said to me, ‘Would you play piano on this song?’ I said, ‘I don’t even play piano!’ He told me to try. I took piano lessons when I was like 5 or 6 but that was a long time ago. I stopped when I was 13. But suddenly it was very organic when I started playing it. So he said, ‘How about playing the drums?’ He made me try, and it went on and on like this for a week. I was part of the band, playing all of the instruments. One day I arrived at rehearsal and my friend said, ‘Okay, now that you’ve done everything else, how about singing a song by yourself alone?’ I said, ‘Man, you are way out of your mind.’ But we did it and I ended up on tour with Yodelice for two months.” —Marion Cotillard in response to the question, “You play guitar, right?” [Interview]

“Megan Fox gives me a tingle. I like her ’cause she knows she’s hot and she’s a bitch about it. I’d totally make out with her.” —Jersey Shore’s JWOWW [Maxim]

“[The Met Ball] was amazing, the best bit was me and Pharrell having a fight… He was just telling me off like crazy. … He was like, ‘You know you can’t keep giving people that shit, you have to hand out the sugar.’ I was a bit offended… Diddy [was there and] was like, ‘Oh my fucking God, last time I saw you, you were so fat [pregnant]. He was just like, ‘I love you, we need you.’ And I was like, ‘That’s so good to hear because Pharrell just told me I was shit.’ Diddy went and found Pharrell and made him come to my table, apologize and kiss my hand and shit, which was awesome.” —M.I.A. [Time Out London via Edge]

“Any movie I’m in is sexless. It’s something I bring to my characters.” —Kevin Kline [NYDN]

Peggy’s Hair Portends Best-Ever Season of Mad Men