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Diddy the Clear Choice to Replace Simon Cowell

“I got six kids. If I can get the same check that Simon gets, we’d have a ball. And you know I’d act crazy.” —Diddy on potentially replacing Simon Cowell on American Idol [TV Squad]

“I think I’m too old for those silly situations of unrequited love. It becomes less plausible when you’re in your forties to be falling down in the hallway because a boy walks by!” —Julia Roberts [OK! via Press Association]

“Of course I have. I’m an actor for fuck’s sake.” —Inception star Tom Hardy on whether he’s ever had sexual relations with men [Daily Mail UK]

“I’m atwitter! He’s so comfortable in his own skin, and has that sort of out there sexuality. Don’t tell him I said that!” —Marcia Cross on future Desperate Housewives co-star Brian Austin Green [StarPulse]

“I would not criticize Drew Carey. I would not criticize this show. I have a sizable royalty that I am paid every year this show is on, and it’s going on for years. I would be an absolute fool.” —Bob Barker on saying Carey doesn’t make The Price Is Right exciting [EW]

“I think Lorne Michaels has done more for women in comedy than anybody I know.” —Amy Poehler [HR]

“He is not evil like [his characters]. Danny is such a gentleman. He is giving you geniusness. He is one of my favorite people and he is just absolutely incredible and talented and amazing.” —Katy Mixon on her Eastbound and Down co-star Danny McBride [Movieline]

“When I signed up for this movie and saw Brad [Pitt] was on the cast I was pretty excited. I’m pretty sure we’re going to meet at some point. I sent him over a hundred letters saying I’m pretty sure we’re going to meet. And a hundred chunks of my hair. If that’s not great then one of us is crazy!” —Tina Fey on Megamind [Absolute Now]

“I used to want to kiss Megan Fox, but now she’s married and I’m not so sure about that anymore. Probably Natalie Portman now — she’s hot and smart.” —Katy Perry [This Is London via Jezebel]

“He’s a true professional. He was getting all of his tattoos lasered off and he wants to be an actor.” —Chace Crawford on Twelve co-star 50 Cent [ET]

Diddy the Clear Choice to Replace Simon Cowell