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Taylor Momsen Continues Charm Offensive

“I’m not looking to be Miley fucking Cyrus. I don’t care about the fame. I do it because I love music. I like making records and if people like them, then we’ll go along for the ride. … I’m not dissing Miley personally. However, I do think the Disney bubblegum shit that the world is living right now is pathetic.” —Taylor Momsen [FHM via Bloginity]

“Those scenes are never as fun as they look. That’s a real acting part of it. You also never get to really check the girl out either because she’s so close to you you never get a good look at her. I can put anyone in this situation. Think of yourself walking into a room naked with a sock on your cock with a room full of people that you don’t really know and then having to simulate sex with the director telling you how to do it. A guy doesn’t want to get direction in any regard and all of a sudden you’re doing it in front of 15 people. At best it’s like being on that nude beach that you don’t want to be on.” —Mark Ruffalo on sex scenes [UInterview]

“I literally would film Glee during the day, fly at night, play Fanny Brice, get back on a plane, go play Rachel Berry, do a Fanny Brice matinee, go film Glee at night.”— Lea Michele on how she would find time to star in Funny Girl on Broadway [ArtsBeat/NYT]

“[Working with Julia Roberts] was pretty much the reason I did it. I knew that all my scenes would be with Julia. I thought it would be a great experience. She is very, very outgoing. But I think she’ll also admit pretty freely that she doesn’t love to do love scenes and actually was charmingly shy when we had to do them.” —James Franco on filming Eat Pray Love [Parade]

“Maybe it’s the abs or maybe it’s the green eyes. The Situation does look pretty good on TV, so maybe that’s what it is. He’s got a lot going on. He’s got a clothing line, songs, he’s all over the place. This is just a way into the door for me. Reality [TV] is a stepping stone for me. Being one of the biggest names in reality or the country or the world or whatever, I definitely want to start moving into scripted and films in another year or two.” —Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino [TV Watch/People]

“Cuz rest of album is a turd.” —Diplo, in response to a question about why M.I.A.’s song “Tell Me Why” sounds like a toilet flushing [Diplo/Twitter]

“It’s out of the way, and it was with my friend and a girl — no pressure. It was not something Cherie [Currie] and Joan [Jett] ever really spoke about, and that’s how it was filmed — as not that big of a deal.” —Dakota Fanning on kissing Kristen Stewart in The Runaways [Marie Claire]

“You know, in Italy, Catholic boys are raised to believe there are two types of women: the Madonna and the whore … And me? I’m both.” —Fergie [Cosmo UK via HuffPo]

“I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I just instinctively played her like an animal.” —Zoe Saldana on playing Avatar’s Neytiri [GQ via Metro UK]

“I learned a big lesson way back when we did Home Alone because when I cast that I wasn’t really looking at the kid’s family life. I was casting a kid who truly had a troubled family life. I don’t think it worked out for him or his family. When I did [Harry Potter], I realized that you really have to cast the family as well, and look at their parents, and those Potter kids have turned out pretty well.” —Director Chris Columbus [Coventry Telegraph]

“I feel scared by all the expectations on it at this point. People ask me about it a lot. And to make a movie that already has expectations built in before the script is even written seems intimidating.” —Michael Cera on the Arrested Development movie [PopWatch/EW]

“The comment is constantly like ‘skinny actor.’ I’m thin. I’m not skinny at all. It’s that they harp on a physical thing, because I don’t think there’s a question about my ability as an actor.”—Adrien Brody on starring in and bulking up for Predators [LAT]

Taylor Momsen Continues Charm Offensive