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M. Night Shyamalan: Exactly Like Michael Jordan

“Look, I loved Michael Jordan, right? He was my favorite basketball player. When I used to watch him at Madison Square Garden there would be 25,000 people booing every time that he touched the ball, screaming abuse at him. And it was because the entire stadium was there to see him be spectacular. They were like, ‘I don’t want you to disappoint me or hurt me.’ I’m no Michael Jordan but maybe I get a little of that … Reviews of my movies often spend a lot of the time talking about me, not the movie!” —M. Night Shyamalan [Total Film via IMDb]

“Probably the only film I was offered and turned down but now wish I had made is Boogie Nights.” —Leonardo DiCaprio [Music Rooms]

“I first became a fan of his from his workout videos. And I loved him in the Bourne movies.” —Will Ferrell on Mark Wahlberg [HR]

“What’s funny, I actually applaud Nicki [Minaj] for it. I think she’s doing an incredible job of branding herself. When you’re a boss bitch, you give it up. Send her a Chanel bag or something.” —Foxy Brown on Nicki Minaj’s reported beef with Lil Kim [Rap Basement]

“I was really smart I would’ve made Sixteen Stone over and over and over again.” —Gavin Rossdale, who’s reuniting Bush [Spin]

“It was not The Queen — the appeal was Bruce Willis, an evening dress and a machine gun.” —Helen Mirren on why she chose to star in Red [Mirror UK]

“People have a fixation with me … I am blessed with international popularity. I kiss people’s cheeks, sign autographs and give advice to young kids.” —Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino [TV Watch/People]

“I dyed my hair the whole time on Friends.” —Matt LeBlanc, who is now naturally gray [Us Weekly]

M. Night Shyamalan: Exactly Like Michael Jordan