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Archie Panjabi on Learning About Her Emmy Nomination

When we last spoke to Archie Panjabi, the British actress who plays the shifty Kalinda on The Good Wife, the show had just gotten renewed for a second season. And now the well-regarded show has been given another boost: nine Emmy nominations, including one for Panjabi as Best Supporting Actress in a Drama. We got Panjabi on the phone to speak about it.

So how did you find out?
I actually just found out about half an hour ago. I was out all day and I didn’t have my BlackBerry on me. And when I came back I checked my e-mail, and I had e-mails from everyone, missed calls from everyone. I’m just a bit speechless about it, but also very thrilled. And so happy for everyone on the show.

Did you think the show would do as well as it did?
I honestly didn’t think that at all. I haven’t been on an American show before, and I really don’t know what to expect on any level. For me, it’s just one big adventure. I didn’t have any idea about it, whatsoever. This show, from day one, has been filled with unexpected surprises. And today was just another.

It’s sort of crazy that you didn’t have your BlackBerry with you on the day of Emmy nominations.
Yeah, I know. Normally I take it with me, but I’m on hiatus now, and you get so addicted that these things — when I’m working I always have it. It’s hard to give it up, but is a nice feeling not to have it — but then the one day I need it the most …

Have you spoken to anyone from the show?
I e-mailed with everybody. Matt [Czuchry], who plays Cary on the show, he called me and was screaming on the phone with excitement. We’re all just overwhelmed.

What do all these nominations mean for the show?
It’s already groundbreaking television — there are a lot of risks being taken, and everyone is nervous about it even though the show is doing really well. So to receive good news like this just gives us all a lot of confidence.

Kalinda: Gay or not gay?
I like that they’re hanging on to Kalinda’s mystery! Everyone’s so intrigued by her. And it keeps us all very stimulated.

Archie Panjabi on Learning About Her Emmy Nomination