15 of Literature’s Hottest Lycan Lovers

Buck up, Team Jacob! So what if Bella ends up with the vampire at the end of Eclipse? Owing to Twilight’s success, lycan-romance fiction is a booming industry and in some books, werewolves get a little action too. Looking for something hot to read over this long Fourth of July weekend? Check out our slideshow of literature’s hottest lycan Lotharios.

Malachi Cartwright is the only man who knows how to please journalist Claire Kennedy — but is he also the werewolf responsible for mauling all those tourists?
In heat and with a full moon rising, red werewolf Bella flees her adoptive gray pack to be with Devlyn, her destined mate — to the chagrin of evil pack leader Volan.
Gabriel MacInnes is a lazy werewolf not too worried about having to become the defender of the Stone of Destiny (he’s third in line for that particular honor). But when he’s charged with the protection of Rowan Morgaine, a sex bloodsucking demigoddess whose powers are waning, let’s just say some stuff happens.
Gorgeous Carly Silver takes in a wounded lycan during a storm. But when passions ignite, she has to choose between becoming a werewolf herself — and giving up the only half-man she’s ever really loved.
Dr. Jared Gies wasn’t looking for a mate — until he met beautiful strip-club owner Elena Cabrera. But can he help her capture the serial killer whose targeting the shape-shifters among her dancers, even if it means coming clean as a shape-shifter himself?
For a decade, Jeremy has lived apart from his pack, turned off by their discrimination against half-blooded werewolves. But when a secret betrayal threatens to tear the pack apart, he can’t turn his back on his promised mate, Jillian.
Erin Morgan works at a prestigious New York medical center, until the discovery that her boss is a murderer sends her into the Tennessee mountains — and the arms of Jared, a shape-shifter sworn to protect mortals in situations just like this one.
Lady Rosalind has plans to seduce Armond Wulf, the Marquess of Wulfglen — but he has a secret. Can you guess what it is?
Kitty Norville is the host of Denver radio’s most popular paranormal relationship advice show — and a closeted werewolf. When local vampires try to kill her, will a sexy werewolf-hunter be her knight in shining armor?
Ross Marshall is a private investigator afraid to love, on the count of his being a secret werewolf. But after genetic researcher Megan Sheridan helps him nab a serial killer, will he show her what’s in his genes?
On the run from her tragic past, Joelle Randall moves to the Canadian Rockies in search of untamed wilderness — and finds untamed passions with Luke Gevaudan, the final descendant of an ancient race of werewolves.
The publisher’s own synopsis, so here it is: “Sophie Garou seems to have it all: a great job at a prestigious accounting firm, a closet that rivals a Nordstrom showroom, and a terrific boyfriend who isn’t afraid to use the ‘M’ word. There’s just one problem: Sophie is a werewolf — and her time of month has a whole new meaning.”
When a mysterious disease threatens to turn Wyatt Weylin’s wolf pack into regular wolves, he seeks the expertise, and affections, of beautiful veterinarian Madeline Styles.
Lelandi Wildhaven is a shape-shifter searching for clues in the mysterious death of her sister, Larissa. Larissa’s werewolf widower Darien Silver might know what happened, but sweet Jesus get a load of those abs.
Cryptozoologist Diana Malone is hired to find the mysterious creature terrorizing New Orleans. Sexy special forces officer Adam Ruelle volunteers to help — but does he know more about the monster than he lets on?
15 of Literature’s Hottest Lycan Lovers