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Was Zac Efron’s Strip-Club Visit a Career Move?

As even the most casual Efronologists know, this week’s Charlie St. Cloud is being positioned as Zac Efron’s grown-up movie, its theoretical success a gateway to a world chock-full of non-singing, dancing, or body-switching roles. But is Efron hedging his bets with some illicit extracurricular activity? Maybe! According to “Page Six,” Efron and his High School Musical buddy Corbin Bleu hit up Flashdancers Gentlemen’s Club in New York on Sunday night and partied until 3 a.m., blowing $2,000 on strippers and vodka. (Doesn’t quite have as nice a ring to it as “partied until 3 a.m., blowing $2,000 on strippers and cocaine,” does it?) Says the Post’s helpfully expository source:

They … were enthralled with the dancers. They were interacting a lot with the girls and reaching out and showering money on them. There were three girls who Zac and his friends particularly liked and they asked to do personal dances at their table … The girls were all slim and pretty brunettes, a bit like Zac’s girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. They were two Americans, called Shannon and Brandi, and a gorgeous Brazilian called Raquel.

For any other 22-year-old who can afford to throw away $2,000, that’d be a tame Sunday night; since this is Disney’s Zac Efron, we’re meant to be scandalized. But — conspiracy-theory alert! — could it all be a devious calculation on the part of his publicity team? Think about it: In the same week that Efron’s mature movie comes out (and in which he signs on for two other movies in the same ilk), he just so happens to be spotted at a strip club, reminding the whole world he’s a fully developed, red-blooded American male who loves strippers and drinking just as much as anyone, including, perhaps, Hollywood leading men Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe? All we’re saying: If it ever comes to light that Efron was actually at home Sunday night watching True Blood and making a summer salad while his official look-alike partied with strippers in his stead, remember who called it.

Zac Efron & pals blow $2,000 on vodka and lap dances
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Was Zac Efron’s Strip-Club Visit a Career Move?