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Which Jersey Shore Castmate Cashed Out the Most?

The Jersey Shore–ians have had a busy break. They’ve attended seemingly thousands of red-carpet events, appeared in countless magazine spreads (including our own), and even, in what feels like a disturbingly incisive comment on the state of our economy, rang the bell at the New York Stock Exchange. In terms of compensation, the cast has successfully negotiated a new contract for season three that’s rumored to be close to their asking price of $30,000 per episode each; a big step up from the $25,000 they all shared for all of season one. And of course, most of them are involved in side projects in an attempt to cash in on their sudden (and, most likely, fleeting) fame. So who’s best at parlaying their notoriety into other gigs? We tallied the amount of their extra moneymaking endeavors to find out. (Note: This doesn’t include bar and club appearances, which haven’t all been documented. But in January, Gawker provided a handy chart of appearance fees, on which Snooki topped out at $10,000.)

Snooki: the winner!
1. She’s a paid spokesperson for Dr. Siegel’s “Cookie Diet,” which she used to lose ten pounds.
2. According to the Smoking Gun, Snooks applied for a trademark on her nickname in order to write books. (The Situation successfully did the same.)
3. She has a line of hair products in the works.
4. She promoted Pantene’s “World’s First Reality Hair Star” competition.
5. Snooki’s a paid spokesperson for Sunlove tanning products.

JWOWW: tied for a close second!
1. Her Filthy Couture clothing line, the logo of which contains a bare bottom, is now available for preorder online and has prices in the mid-$300 dollar range.
2. She has plans to launch both a tanning line and a purse line.
3. She’s working on an upcoming skin-care line with her skin doctor, Dr. Greenberg.
4. JWOWW is a co-author, with Ronnie, of Never Fall in Love on the Jersey Shore, a guido guidebook, which will be released by St. Martin’s Press.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino: tied for a close second!
1. Mike’s book, Here’s The Situation, will be published by Gotham Books in November 2010, according to the Post.
2. He has an endorsement deal with NoX Edge, a pre-workout supplement.
3. His workout DVD with GT Media has a special focus on abs, though it doesn’t yet have a release date.
4. His single, “The Situation,” with Fatman Scoop and D.J. Class, is available on iTunes.

Pauly D
1. In addition to increased one-off appearances, Pauly D started a residency gig at Ghostbar Las Vegas at the Palms Casino in March.
2. Pauly’s first single, “Beat Dat Beat,” is on the official Jersey Shore Soundtrack.

1. Ronnie’s a co-author, with JWOWW, of “Never Fall in Love on the Jersey Shore.” a guido guidebook.

Sammi Sweetheart
1. The newly slim Sammi doesn’t have any reported deals, but at the soundtrack premiere party a few weeks ago, she told our party reporter that she had plans to come out with a hair-extensions line.

1. Though she’s off the show for season three, Angelina told Radar Online that she’s working on a song called “All About Me,” has an upcoming iPhone app, “Score a Shore Girl,” and, possibly, another reality show in the works. We’ll believe it when we see it.

1. This fall, Vinny took the LSAT. Maybe he’ll earn his money the old-fashioned way?

Which Jersey Shore Castmate Cashed Out the Most?