Who Will Kanye Follow First on Twitter?

Kanye West has officially been on Twitter for three hours and, even though his own follower count has already topped 70,000, he is not yet following anyone himself. Who will be his first? The pros and cons of some likely candidates, after the jump.

Pros: Might be a nice gesture, since Kanye kinda owes his career to the guy.
Cons: Only tweets once every three or four months. Has never retweeted anybody.

Jimmy Fallon
Pros: Is kinda funny, sometimes, sort of. Has a TV show and 2.6 million of his own followers, so his RTs can really help. Also, minutes ago he became the first person Kanye’s ever tweeted at.
Cons: Jokes can be a little lame. Tweets at fans constantly, which can really clog up your Twitter feed.

Barack Obama
Pros: Is the president. Could use a few allies these days.
Cons: Once called Kanye “a jackass.”

Ashton Kutcher
Pros: Is the No. 2 most-popular Twitter user, so his retweets can really boost one’s follower count.
Cons: Tweets mostly about lame viral videos. Not much of a speller.

Pros: Highly inspirational.
Cons: None.

Pros: A great way to keep tabs on the latest entertainment news.
Cons: As it turns out, most entertainment news is actually about Kanye West.

Some Random Unfamous Person
Pros: Conan did it and changed this nice woman’s life.
Cons: Won’t win Kanye many new followers.

Pros: If he didn’t follow anyone, no one could complain about feeling left out. Also, this way he wouldn’t have to read any of the crap people post on Twitter, which is a huge plus.
Cons: Might seem a little selfish.

Taylor Swift
Pros: Would make everyone completely forget about The Incident at last year’s VMAs.
Cons: Her tweets are nearly as insipid as her acceptance speeches.

Who Will Kanye Follow First on Twitter?