Young Jeezy Introduces Yet Another Pseudonym

Here are the three most confusing/disconcerting things about “Jizzle,” the new single off Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 — which is not as good as first single “Lose My Mind,” but better than second single “All White Everything.” (Also, TM103 is now totally locked in for a September 28 release date, and there’s no way that’s changing. No way).

1. As Lil Jon makes abundantly clear, “Jizzle” features Shawty Redd “on the mothafuckin’ track.” So if Lil Jon didn’t produce the song, why did Jeezy let him scream “yeaaaaah” and “what?” all over it?

2. A few months back, Young Jeezy made a clearly worded announcement that he was dropping the “Young” from his stage name (leading some people to muse on the implications). And yet here he is, acting as if the statement never existed and continuing to refer to himself as “Young,” “Jeezy,” and “Young Jeezy” interchangeably.

3. No matter how well intentioned the couplet from which it stems is, did no one in the studio at the time of the production of “Jizzle” consider dissuading Jeezy from saying the words, “I should be a fucking Nazi”? We’re looking at you, Lil Jon and Shawty Redd!

Young Jeezy Introduces Yet Another Pseudonym

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