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Zac Efron Not Yet Qualified to Wear Tights

“I have a self-awareness of what is out there: Right now, if I was looking at me from someone else’s eyes — like the eyes of the guys who are going to go watch a superhero movie — I can’t say that I’d be ‘two thumbs up’ for me to star in an action movie right now. … Why would I be? I haven’t done anything to pay those dues yet, I haven’t made any movies for those fans yet. I think you have to earn the right to hold a gun. You have to earn the right to shoot web.” —Zac Efron [Movieline]

“He called me the other day from jail and rapped me two verses, man. It really made me, like, ‘I gotta do something different. I gotta get shit together,’ because he’s really got bars and he’s rapping from a broader life perspective, saying these things people love to hear.” —Drake on Lil Wayne [MTV]

“You may say a horror-slash-comedy. It could be also vampire, because Alex, the main character, may become vampire but I’m not sure yet. I think that may be questionable. … [It’s] very mysterious. You have to see it, but you’ll be surprised. The bottom line is that you have to see it. You go to places maybe you’ve never been before. That’s the story of that.” —Tommy Wiseau on his new project, The House That Dripped Blood on Alex [Movieline]

“I received the audition information while I was in Capetown, South Africa. I put myself on tape and sent it through the internet.” —Michael Kenneth Williams on his audition for a role in Boardwalk Empire [Dr. Jay’s]

“I am writing all my songs from now on. Wow, I wrote 13 songs today! Working hard and I love it!” —Heidi Montag [HeidiMontag/Twitter]

“I go to the comic book store almost every single week. I have thousands of comic books. I read very few books without pictures of men in tights in them.” —Seth Rogen [People]

“Freaks are what make everything mildly more interesting in life but with trannies, they make me want to be a better woman. I see these men who have way better bodies than I do, more beautiful faces, better complexions, beautiful makeup, and they’re more fun than any person I’ve met in my life. They make me feel like I’m not a very good woman.” —Ke$ha [Paper]

Zac Efron Not Yet Qualified to Wear Tights