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Ben and Locke Will Live On (Maybe), Part II

Back in February, rumors surfaced that Terry O’Quinn — better known as TV’s Locke — was pitching a TNT-style show that would reunite him with Michael Emerson — better known as TV’s Ben Linus — as a pair of “suburban hit men juggling family issues.” Apparently, that wasn’t just some random thing someone made up, because Emerson (who’s currently hitting the interview circuit to plug the Lost DVDs) is now talking up an O’Quinn collabo himself. From the AP:

Emerson says they both want something more lighthearted than “Lost.” He hopes the show can acknowledge their “age and frailty.” Emerson says he envisions a show where, if their characters get hit in the face, they “don’t get up for a month.”

That would, technically, be in line with the suburban hit-man show originally floated, although the manner in which Emerson talks about it makes it clear this is not in any way anywhere close to actually happening. Please, television executives, do not deprive us of an all-new show in which Michael Emerson gets regularly punched in the face.

‘Lost’ alumni Emerson, O’Quinn pursuing TV project

Ben and Locke Will Live On (Maybe), Part II